accupuncturureAcupuncture is one of the oldest medical procedures in the world. Acupuncture originated in China more than 2,000 years ago and gained exposure in America in 1970s, before being used in Canada. Chinese medicine theorizes that there are more than 2,000 acupuncture points in the body that connect with meridians to conduct energy between the body’s surface and the internal organs. Western medicine theorizes that acupuncture works by increasing body levels of endorphins. It helps to relieve pain and improve your well-being if you suffer from headaches, chronic fatigue syndrome, tendinitis or arthritis. 

Regular acupuncture treatments encourage natural healing, reduce or relieve pain, improve energy and mood, and improve the function of the affected area or body part. Treatment with acupuncture can produce rapid results but more often it requires a number of treatments over a period of time. Usually treatments are once or twice a week, but they can be less frequent. Sometimes the effect is quite dramatic and the patient will only need one or two treatments. Sometimes the effect is subtle and may require treatment for several months. There is, however, usually some change after about five treatments.

If you decide to get acupuncture therapy follow these tips to make your treatment more successful:accupuncture2

  • Do not eat a large meal immediately before or after treatment;
  • Do not over-exercise, engage in sexual activity, or consume alcohol for 6 hours before or after treatment;
  • Plan you activities so you can get some rest after the treatment;
  • Continue to take any prescription medicines as directed by your doctor; and
  • Remember to keep good notes of what your response to the treatment was.

This is important for your doctor to know so that follow-up treatments can be designed to help you.

Our rates:

20 min    $ 30

30 min    $50

45 min    $ 70

60 min   $ 90


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