Custom Orthotics

orthoticsCustom Orthotics are devices used to alter or modify foot function. Some orthotics are simple, commercially-made devices, such as cushioned heel cups or insoles, that are sold over the counter in drug stores or other retail establishments. Custom-made orthotics are designed to treat, adjust, and support various bio-mechanical foot disorders such as Plantar Faciitis, Bunions, Neuroma, etc. Thus, the most effective orthotics are custom-madedevices, as they are crafted to meet the specific needs of a particular individual. At Glen Shields Health Center, we create custom-made orthotics using an impression of the foot called a cast, which duplicates any misalignment in foot structure. Using the cast and computer technology, our technicians design a custom device that balances any deformities and corrects misalignment.

Signature Footwear

Most people don’t require custom-made shoes; a good running or walking shoe does just fine. But there are those whose feet need extra attention. Perhaps their feet are significantly different from each other that they might have to buy two different shoe sizes. Perhaps they have developed a deformity which makes standard shoes impossible to wear. In these cases, custom-made shoes may not only make financial sense, but may also save wear and tear on the feet. At Glen Shields Health Center we will assist  you with any questions you may have, and make recommendations about the type of shoe or work boot that best suits your needs. In addition, we carry a variety of shoes including Dress shoes, Athletic shoes, sandals, and much more. Printed catalogs available at our office.

Our Rates

Custom made Orthotics   $ 250  -   $ 500

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