Mobile Massage

happy-people-400-150x150Glen Shields Health Center delivers a complete chair massage experience to your workplace, special event site or your home. The massage is performed while the recipient is fully clothed. No oils are necessary, so the employee quickly returns to their workstation relaxed and invigorated.

Our Registered Massage Therapist brings an ergonomic massage chair designed specifically for professional massage therapy. The chair is engineered to be fully adjustable to provide ultimate comfort and support during treatment. The recipient enjoys an invigorating, yet relaxing massage treatment.
All therapy techniques are designed to be applied through clothing to focus on key tension points in the back, neck, arms, hands and head. Appointments can be scheduled for any length of time, but usually blocks of 30 minutes are reserved for each session.

For In-Home sessions we can bring folding massage table to serve you better. The length of massage table session is 60 minutes and more.

For getting started please contact us

The way we serve an office vastly different from the way we provide services at a convention or meeting. So that we can tailor an on-site massage to suit your particular needs, we ask you to provide a small amount of information about your organization:
■Your contact information
■Date and time of service
■How many employees in your location and how many do you expect to receive massage?
■Who will be paying for service (Employer or Employee)?
■Do employees have extended health benefits for therapeutic massage?
■Is a medical referral required?

All information you share is held in strict confidence and will not be disclosed under any circumstance. Within 24 hours our representative will contact you.

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